Operating systems

Operating system is one of the most important part of the software used by the computer. No computer operating system is useless piece of metal and wires that can be used only as decoration . If the hardware is said to be the heart of your computer , then the operating system is its soul . Entrust the handling of operating system applications , proper utilization of resources as well as the security of our data – that is why operating systems deserve special attention.

The choice of operating system is nothing easier than choosing a computer . There are many more or less known / used operating system from Unix, Linux to MacOS from Windows to OS / 2 , the RISC OS to BeOS and …

History and Development

The term “operating system” in the classical sense means the software is required for the performance ( application ) programs and to coordinate the activities of the computer system . This software may include resource allocation procedure of a computer system , control of input- output operations , memory management , data management , translation of programming languages ​​, etc. .

Keylogger software runs with the help of operating system and helps its users to control everything that is done on the computer it is installed on. The operating system is often referred to as the control and management software, and it allows the operation of the hardware components ( processors work with other parts of the system) . Software operating system are great programs that are not significantly different from the other programs, the only difference is in the size and complexity of the software application of general programming techniques . The computer cannot run without the operating system , and of course , the same computer can run multiple operating systems .

The first version of IBM compatible personal computers were able to monitor print only characters ( letters, numbers and some special characters ) .  The development of the computer industry leads to the monitor at some point you have an activity , then divide the screen in demarcated areas , and in each of these areas have some activity . The most graphic way of working is based on Windows ( windows ) and here we have the appearance of each window function independently .

The development of the operating system was followed by the development of a variety of malware ( viruses , trojans , spyware , etc. ) which is one of the main objectives of data theft by example . credit card numbers , and with the other hand and the development of on – line communities ( Security Forum ), which helps users to protect their computers from the aforementioned malware and hackers use various programs for protection eg . Anti -virus , Firewall … and expert advice for effective protection .

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